Digital Blacksmith

We are considering options to develop the role of a 'Digital Blacksmith' on Arran.  Essentially a 'community helpdesk', the aim would be to develop a service and information point to help individuals and businesses realise the opportunities that exist with better connectivity.

The role is a novel one.  We are currently considering a potential site at which a Digital Blacksmith could be hosted.  The blacksmith(s) would be able to mentor, assist and promote the use of connectivity to help aspirations from personal aims to strategic marketing.

Particularly useful during a phase of enhanced connectivity – as we are likely to see in 2016 – there would be potential for involvement of our school (including skills development and community service), employment opportunities and community involvement.

The service would ideally be operated from an easily-accessible hub, perhaps with other facilities such as superfast wifi and a useful resource for IT kit.

Watch this space!