Steering Group

Our Steering Group was formed in November 2015.  As well as aiming to represent the island’s communities effectively, there is also considerable expertise in project leadership, technical knowledge and political engagement.  It exists to represent the Arran’s connectivity needs, influence strategy and provide an effective conduit to catalyse partnerships between local initiative and input from larger organisations.

Bill Calderwood

Brodick Rep & Community Council Link

Following a long term as regular visitor I have been resident on Arran since 1999 living initially in Blackwaterfoot and since 2007 in Brodick.

My experience includes business and materials planning and several years as Quality Systems Manager for a major communications network group.  A period of self -employment covered consultancy for national and international business customers encompassing effective business structures.

I am involved with several groups on the island on a voluntary basis and this experience has highlighted the need for effective and reliable communications which are now becoming  essential to allow both business be competitive and residents to be safe and  participate fully in today’s world.

I am pleased to assist where I can in establishing an island infrastructure which incorporates all aspects of communication needs and builds for the long term.

    Cecilia Paul

    Secretary & VisitArran Rep

    David Hogg

    Steering Group & eHealth Innovation

    David is a GP Principal with Arran Medical Group.   He also has various roles with RCGP Scotland, BASICS Scotland and RGPAS, and is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Remote and Rural Medicine at Glasgow University. He is a member of Arran Mountain Rescue Team and co-ordinator of Arran Resilience. His interests include community resilience, emergency care and undergraduate teaching.

    David has been living on Arran since 2010.  He founded ConnectArran with Samantha Payn after recognising the need for a conduit between community groups and the telecoms industry.  He wrote about his take on the inverse connectivity phenomenon in this article in 2014.  Some of his ConnectArran time is funded through a 'Project Acorn' GP leadership grant for inequalities in healthcare from the Scottish Government.

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    David Price

    Machrie Rep

    Dr David Price is a self employed engineer, working primarily as an editor for various worldwide technical publications. He worked for British Steel for many years in a variety of technical and senior management roles and was previously chair of the Arran Health Services Public Reference Group - a voluntary sector role. He was a member of Ayrshire and Arran NHS Board between 2004 - 2012.

      Drew Inglis


      Drew is the EMRS liaison consultant for Arran and has a longstanding interest in rural connectivity (see He is a firm believer that good digital connectivity is essential to maintain rural communities and services

      Lorna Gunaydi

      Machrie & Small Business Rep

      Lorna is owner and Managing Director of the Old Byre Visitor Centre in Machrie comprising the Old Byre Showroom shop, Café Thyme, a pottery and children's play area. She also has a shop in the main village of Brodick and sells online. As businesses rely on broadband to efficiently thrive and compete, better connectivity is an absolute essential in order to continue to contribute to the local economy.

      Lorna is also a director of Visit Arran who aim for Arran to be a wi fi island and world class by 2020. Tourism is everyone's business on Arran and today's consumer expects good broadband and mobile signal.

      Lorna and her family live and work in an area where BT's fibre rollout is not taking place and where the snow of 2013 left them with no power, totally contactless by mobile phone and stranded for 6 days.

      Neil Arthur

      Shiskine Rep & Community Council Link

      Now retired, I have lived and worked on Arran for over half my lifetime, as an employee and employer, a tourist, a commuter and as a long term resident.

      I currently serve on the Community Council (representing Shiskine, Blackwaterfoot and Machrie); The Ferry Committee; the Arran Economic Group and the Forestry Work Group. 

      Previously I have served on Arran School Board as Chairman, Health Committees, Isle of Arran Housing Committee and others. I have a good understanding of the island’s geographic layout, its topography and economic drivers and the need for good communication to satisfy all of these various aspects of Arran’s business and social needs.

      The possibility of far better communications throughout the island is an exciting prospect and I will be pleased to use my experience to assist in any way possible.

        Peter Lythgoe

        Chair & Technical Expert

        Peter has over 50 years experience in the design, planning and installation, of telecom infrastructure, and over 30 years experience with fibre.  He has been infrastructure consultant to the Welsh Government, Vodafone UK and NTL (now VirginMedia).  

        This latter position included planning and project management of NTLs’ national fibre network (over 2,000km), constructed in 2 years.  Subsequently Peter became a consultant with Ofcom on the opening up of BTs’ passive infrastructure.  He is former member of the DTI Broadband Steering Group, reporting to the office of the DPM.

        Peter has been involved with fibre characterisation across the whole of Europe, Central America and parts of South America.   He was also Installation Director and Vice Chair of the Fiberoptic Industry Association.

          Samantha Payn

          Press/Communications & Kilmory Rep

          Born in London Samantha first visited Arran as a teenager and was immediately hooked. Her determination to live and work on Arran has shaped most of her major life decisions since her late twenties. She has now lived on Arran for over twenty years and has successfully become established as a freelance translator of Russian. She has had just three translation projects from Arran-based clients and so can truly claim that 99.999% of her income is internet dependent.

          With a client base extending from Australia, through Siberia and Europe to New York Samantha firmly believes that this model of selling services via the internet can and should be a significant factor in rejuvenating rural economies and communities. It is for this reason that she joined forces with David Hogg to establish ConnectArran to act as a conduit between community groups and the telecoms industry.

            Sheena Borthwick

            Arran Economic Group Rep