Fibre Rollout happening now – check your coverage

Rumours are aplenty about the imminent switch-on of fibre broadband to some premises on Arran.

To check availability for your area, check the HIE Fibre Checker here.  Some folk are finding that the ‘Sam Knows’ broadband checker is a useful resource too.

Green cabinets are appearing across Arran, as well as those which already exist.  FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is being rolled out to enable fibre-broadband to be provided to the cabinet ‘node’ – after which standard copper cable is then used.  For short distances, this works well.

There are however premises which are too far from an existing cabinet to enable fibre-speeds to be achieved.  In this case, there are some new cabinets being installed.

We will try to keep our website and Facebook page updated with information as best we can.  Please contribute your experiences if you think this will help others.  Our advice is simple, however: check your coverage with the above tools, and speak to your current broadband provider.  Remember that better deals may be available by shopping around – for example on price comparison websites.

There will certainly be some communities for whom rollout will not happen quickly.  We are working amongst the Steering Group to maximise other technology options for these areas.

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