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    If the signals/connects were better we would consider moving to Arran as I mainly work from home and use web/internet/network access for my job

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Connectivity is King

Just ten years ago, access to a mobile phone signal or broadband internet was considered a convenience.  It was acceptable to think that market forces were a reasonable driver of access to connectivity.

Things have changed.  Connectivity is now an essential utility.  Access to life is now heavily dictated by access to the internet.  Social media, email and streamed video contain an ever present pulse of modern living.  Connectivity is fast becoming a pre-requisite in order to access banking, renew a driving licence, view product instructions, take part in further education, keep in touch with friends & family, and even in order to comply with certain legal obligations of business.

2016 is an exciting year for Arran…

As a world-class island, the Isle of Arran in Scotland has plenty going on.  For too long, however, it has lacked the connectivity necessary to support its population, businesses and visitors which are essential to its vibrant economy.  The frustrations of being disconnected are at a point that it is affecting tourism, business development, and even the health and welfare of its residents.  You can read more about these concerns on this website.

2016 is the year that fibre broadband will come to Arran.  This will revolutionise the ways in which business and people can interact with online tools and services.

As a world-class island, Arran deserves world-class connectivity.

This is now within our reach.  Provision of near-unlimited ‘backhaul’ – the connectivity pipe to the mainland – opens up possibilities of 4G mobile connectivity and superfast broadband on Arran.

Our vision is a ring of connectivity

However, this roll-out will not extend to all parts of Arran.  We are yet to see the extent of current fibre roll-out, and experience elsewhere tells us that along with lobbying for maximal coverage, we need to be innovative as a community.

The success of Arran’s attractiveness to new residents and visitors is dependent on equitable access to connectivity right around the island.  Some of this will require community engagement with novel solutions.  ConnectArran exists to catalyse this connection.

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